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The box contains-7 divders -Age range: 0m - 24m ..
KD 7.900
This baby gift box contains:-2 sets of outfits-Linen Jumpsuit and headband -Linen Blouse and trousers-Size: 0-3 months -Includes replaceable 6 phrases:- انا احب جدي وجدتي - انا احب خالتي - انا احب عمتي - يما احبچ - انا احب اللي شايلني- انا احب امي وابوي-Baby milestone q..
KD 37.000 KD 42.000
MEMORIES TO LAST A LIFETIME.-Safety: Clay is non-toxic, safe for newborns and babies.-Size: 28*23 cm..
KD 11.500
-Set of 5 pieces -Includes a romper, a full-sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, a pair of trousers and a pajama cap.-Sizes available: 1-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m-Material: 100% cotton-Color: Off-white -Comes with reusable faux leather packaging...
KD 19.000
-Material: Cotton-My First Day quilt helps you mark and take pictures of your little newborn's age in the most creative way!-Contains frames...
KD 13.500
-Size: 15*15*15cm-Material: Transparent Acrylic -Contains 5 spaces for inserting money..
KD 10.000
-Size: 35*35*35cm-Material: Transparent Acrylic -Contains 30 spaces for inserting money..
KD 19.000
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