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This basket includes:-Quote Throw-Pillowcase set-Quote Mirror-Desktop Plant (Gold stand)-Tag..
KD 29.000
This gift package includes: -Travel Mirror-Pillowcase set -Flower Bouquet -Mirror-Makeup Bag - include tag card..
KD 55.000
-8 mini envelopes with note cards-Size: Mini cards- 3.5*2.2cm / Big card- 12.7*17.8cm -Color: Card and Mini cards- White / Envelope- Beige-Comes with an envelope -Includes 9 heart-shaped stickers ..
KD 3.500
This basket includes:-Quote Throw-Random plant in planter-Huggy hot pouch-Tag..
KD 19.000
-Metal basket 34cm*22cm-Mirror-Ceramic Mug-Pillowcase set- It's your day tag..
KD 29.000
The kit contains: 30 Meters Sullivan 15 Karkousha 8 meters thread for fastening15 cards in various terms - Congratulations on the month. -May you celebrate it again and again -Enjoy your meal - Deficiency..
KD 5.900
-Size: 15*15*15cm-Material: Transparent Acrylic -Contains 5 spaces for inserting money..
KD 10.000
-A large flower bouquet in a Transparent Bag with the quote "The Magic is in You" -Flower bouquet comes in three arrangements:..
KD 23.000
Mug with a small flower bouquet..
KD 10.000
-Size: 35*35*35cm-Material: Transparent Acrylic -Contains 30 spaces for inserting money..
KD 19.000
-Medium-sized transparent box with metal light packed as a gift-Size: 20*20*20cm-You can customize and add gifts to be packed in it...
KD 19.000
-Small hang-able money frame - Quote: if you don't be serious about your money you will never have serious money..
KD 6.900
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